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Invest in Indiabulls Mutual Fund and empower your savings

Indiabulls Equity Hybrid Fund

A balanced solution for better financial results

Indiabulls Liquid Fund

Low risk portfolio of money market and debt securities

Indiabulls Savings Income Fund

Conservative hybrid fund

Indiabulls Blue Chip Fund

Open ended equity scheme invested in large cap stocks

Indiabulls Tax Savings Fund

Open ended equity linked savings scheme (ELSS)

Indiabulls Alternate Investment Fund

Consistent risk-adjusted returns by making strategic investments in secured instruments
About Mutual Funds


At Indiabulls Asset Management, the creation of wealth for our customers is of paramount importance. We are committed to creating value by achieving a fine balance between safety, liquidity and return in the most transparent process.

Our funds are broadly divided as:

  • Mutual Funds: A SEBI registered Mutual Fund of India, offers a wide range of debt and equity for customers to choose from
  • Alternate Investment Funds: A close ended Category II (AIF) fund, targeting strategic investments in good quality assets across tier I cities


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