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Innovating for Growth

Committed to providing quality healthcare


“Survivial First”- treatment solutions for
life threatening conditions

Prima – Acute Primary Care

Patient Centric, Innovative, Compliant
solutions to primary healthcare needs

Feminex –

“Women’s Health First” – Offering innovative
solutions for women’s health

Dermanex -

“Evolving Dermatology”- Innovative
skin and hair solutions

Nexpira - Respiratory

Next generation respiratory solutions
About Pharmaceuticals


At Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals, we believe in providing quality healthcare solutions that are both customer and physician centric. With innovative products and services across prescription and consumer healthcare markets, we have engaged our energies to ensuring a change in the pharmaceutical market. Adjudged the “Upcoming Pharma Company of the Year” by Indian Pharma Expo and Business Excellence Awards 2018, we are investing in cutting edge research and development to bring superior products at affordable prices that meet the market’s needs. Our aim is to be a top player in the pharmaceutical landscape in the next few years.


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CVD (Cardiovascular & Diabetes)

Battle Against Lifestyle Diseases - Enabling a healthier lifestyle for you

Personal Loans

Unlock the potential of
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Indiabulls Led

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